Long lines of fans waiting to enter the Chelato Uclés National Stadium for the final


The first leg of the Grand Final will be played at the Nacional and will start at 5:00 in the afternoon.

The long lines of fans continue on the outskirts of the capital’s venue.

ATTENTION: They report that the bus that was transporting the Real España bar that was going to Tegucigalpa was attacked with stones near the Zambrano.

Motagua fans complain that the team’s board did not open all the gates.


“Three queues for two gates. Go a little fast at this time. Not all the gates are open, the #1 (in front of the trans station) is closed until now”, reports the Orgullo Motagua account.

Motagua and Real España are already at the sports facility. They change in the dressing rooms.

Real España was the first club to enter the stadium.

The fans have arrived at the National Stadium. Many families arrive to watch the final match.

The Honduran National Police were the first to settle in the Chelato Uclés stadium.

Welcome to the minute by minute of the first leg of the Clausura-2022 final in Honduras between the Motagua and Real España clubs.


Motagua y Royal Spain The first chapter of the Clausura 2022 tournament final begins this Sunday with a special duel on their benches, occupied by the Argentines Hernan ‘Tota’ Medina y Hector Vargas.

The main movements in the Honduran transfer market

This is the seventh final that the two teams have played in the last 20 years. Three have been won by the Blues and the other three by the Aurinegros.

The first leg of the final will be played at the Chelato Uclés National Stadium, with a capacity for some 35,000 people, starting at 5:00 PM (Honduran time).

Motagua He hopes to expand his dominance at the expense of a rival who wants to close the gap in the record, as he has won 12 championships since the Professional Football League was founded in 1965.

The technician Hernan Medinawho arrived at the club in the middle of the tournament, anticipated that his team is “in the best” to play against a rival that “is not going to be easy” and win cup number 18.

“Our goal is to win the match, then the result will be analyzed, but mainly we are looking for victory,” added the coach of the Eagles, who has asked his pupils to try to play “an intelligent game to win.”

Medina replaced the Argentine-Honduran Diego Vázquez (current coach of Honduras), who directed the Motagua for eight years and made him champion five times.

For Royal Spainthe final not only has the incentive of being measured against Motaguawhich is characterized by good football, fast and offensive, but the need to win the title again, which if won would be number thirteen in his showcase.

The ‘Machine’ coach defined the final as “very even” and praised his rival. Hector Woe He has been in soccer for 25 years in Honduras, where he has managed several teams, including Olympiad y marathonwith whom he came out champion.

The ‘Tota’ Medina reveals what worries him about Real Spain in the final

Royal Spain reached the final after eliminating in the semifinals marathon, which was sixth, and obtain the historical record for consecutive triumphs in the entire history of the League (11). The arrival of the ‘Lion of Formosa’ completely changed the image of a group of professors who were in last place and ended up leading the laps and now they are in the big party.

It should be mentioned that both teams face each other again in a final since the one played in 2017, when the Aurinegros beat the Blues in Tegucigalpa to lift the 12th place. Is the Cyclone’s revenge coming?

possible alignments

Motagua: Marlon Licona; Marcelo Santos, Denil Maldonado, Marcelo Pereyra, Wesly Decas; John Thin, Walter Martinez, Jonathan Nunez, Jesse Moncada; Ivan Lopez and Robert Moreira.

Royal Spain: Luis ‘Buba’ Lopez; Kevin Alvarez, Getsel Montes, Devron Garcia, Franklin Flores; Mayron Flores, Jhow Benavídez, Gerson Chávez, Carlos Mejía; Junior Lacayo and Ramiro Rocca.

Hour: 5:00 PM.

Transmission: TVC.

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