Long system failure at Garmin annoys customers

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A hacker attack is said to be behind the failure of the fitness specialist.

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Munich The American technology group Garmin apologized for a system failure that had been going on for days at the weekend. The company is working to restore the services as soon as possible, Garmin said. The manufacturer of sports watches, fitness bracelets and navigation devices did not explain why many functions could not be used.

Rumors of a massive hacker attack quickly spread around the Internet. Various tech websites report a so-called ransomeware attack. The criminals encrypt data and demand a ransom to release the access.

At Garmin, the attackers managed to shut down large parts of the company’s IT. The brand could not take calls, receive e-mails and it was also not possible to communicate with customer service on the Internet via so-called chats.

But the most unpleasant thing for users is that they cannot upload their fitness data and save it on Garmin’s computers, as is usually the case. This makes it impossible to compare yourself with other athletes or to share activities on sports apps like Strava. Pilots who use the “fly Garmin” service are also affected by the breakdown.

On Twitter, numerous users were outraged that Garmin only sparsely informed about the failure. After all, the user data are not affected, the manufacturer assured. At least there is no indication of this. The company left open when the services would work again.

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