Look at the diseases that beets treat!

Here’s what diseases you can treat with beets


Beetroot is one of the recommended foods for stabilizing patients’ blood sugar diabetes type I and II. With a pronounced sweet taste, beets contain dietary fiber and compounds with a slightly hypoglycemic effect, and can be consumed by diabetics. It has diuretic effects and prevents cardiovascular complications of diabetes.

Chronic hepatitis

Beetroot juice protects liver cells, helps them regenerate and stimulates them to function normally. Beetroot is a true ally of the liver and also prevents the evolution of chronic hepatitis to cirrhosis or liver cancer. Beetroot can also work wonders if you have a “fatty liver” as a result of intoxication or poisoning.


Beetroot juice and salad prepared from this food are best for treating and preventing cancerous tumors. Beetroot contains enzymes and substances with antitumor properties. Consumed regularly, it prevents and treats leukemia, lung cancer, colon cancer, rectal cancer and gastric cancer due to the fact that it is rich in antioxidants. Beetroot works wonders for prostate or breast cancer, as well as testicular cancer.

Hyperacid gastritis

Hyperacid gastritis can be prevented, and the pain can be relieved by ingesting a juice with a pleasant taste, prepared from 100 ml of beetroot juice combined with 100 ml of raw potato juice and 500 ml of carrot juice.

High blood pressure

High blood pressure can also be treated with beets, and in this case obtaining spectacular results. Half a glass of beets a day lowers blood pressure by up to 20% of its initial value.


Beetroot contains iron, magnesium and vitamin B6, which means it can fight anemia, stimulating the process of red blood cell formation. It is recommended a cure for a month of days, 150 grams of raw beets, once every two to three days, according to www.dr-catalin-luca.ro.

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To treat leukemia, a beetroot cure is recommended, which involves consuming 450 ml of beet, celery and carrot juice daily for a period of 60 days, followed by a 15-day break, after which it can be resumed. Beetroot therapy is strong and is not contraindicated if the patient is undergoing drug or natural treatment.


Beetroot root contains polysaccharides and fiber that help fight constipation. Raw or boiled beets mixed with horseradish and honey can be consumed, reaching a consumption of up to 150 g / day.

Atherosclerosis, cardiac ischemia

Beet root contains substances that prevent the oxidation of cholesterol, preventing the process of thickening blood vessels. The cure lasts from one to two months, during which time 150 grams are consumed, alternatively, as a juice and as a salad, the beets can be boiled or raw.

Kidney disease

Kidney disease, such as infections and kidney stones, can be combated by eating beets. Prepare a mixture of 100 ml of beetroot juice and 400 ml of carrot juice, which is a strong diuretic. It can also help eliminate stones more easily, having a relaxing effect on smooth muscles.

Eye disorders

Consumption of beets prevents the occurrence of eye disorders due to the content of lutein and zexanthin.


Beetroot is a wonderful remedy against varicose veins as well as for their prevention. Thus, beets are indicated to be consumed by people who are predisposed to this disease, preventively.

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