Look: English goalkeeper made an incredible goal and no teammate celebrated it

An English goalkeeper made a spectacular goal from a goal kick and his companions did not even salute him. According to what Page 12 published, the Welsh goalkeeper Tom King scored a goal from his own goal, in a match of the League 2 in England, which would be the fourth category in importance.

King, Newport County goalkeeper, scored the first goal of the game that his team drew 1-1 against Cheltenham Town and allowed him to continue in the promotion positions towards League 1. However, the striking thing is that his companions did not even come to greet him, despite the fact that it was a key game in the fight to upgrade.

With 12 minutes to go into the first half and the match was tied without goals, King, a 25-year-old goalkeeper for Newport and the Welsh national team, had to take a goal kick. His teammates moved away and King took a high and strong right hand, which hit the crescent of the Cheltenham area and surpassed the stretch of his colleague Joshua Griffiths to become 1-0 partial.

The goal he scored from the opponent’s arc meant that Newport was the sole leader of the championship with that partial victory. But despite the significance, no partner of the archer even came close to greet him.

King walked back to his goal, hit the crossbar with his hand and gestured to the substitutes’ bench. Before the end of the first half, Cheltenham drew through Matty Blair, a result that would be final. With that result, Newport came second, one point behind the leader Cambridge United, while their rival came sixth, four points behind the leader.

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