Looking around | The 107-year-old mother-in-law Rui from Yuen Long supports her work with a cane and never quits

The TVB (TVB) information program “Looking East and West” recently went to Yuen Long to interview a 107-year-old Rui Rui mother-in-law. The mother-in-law is still unwilling to retire after 100 years old. She would rather support her own deli with a cane. She was in good spirits during the interview , full of energy.

The 107-year-old mother-in-law insists on working. (“Look East and West” program)

She was interviewed and revealed that she was born in Chaozhou, grew up in Tsim Sha Tsui, married and moved to Yuen Long. Sometimes she is in charge of the cash register, and she even said boldly, “Don’t make mistakes in accounting”. The clothes on the mother-in-law were sewn by herself. When asked why she is so beautiful, the mother-in-law said bluntly: “I am so beautiful from the small to the big!” Very lively and elf. Talking about the secret of longevity and health, the mother-in-law pointed out that she never quits: “I can eat everything, I can eat it as soon as I eat it, so I don’t have to quit!”

Access with crutches. (“Look East and West” program)

After the interview came out, many netizens discussed it. Many netizens praised the mother-in-law’s cuteness, “There is no such thing as a fairy at the age of 80.” Some customers commented on the high quality of this noodle shop. “The noodle stall has reached the third generation. It was eaten by Qu’s grandson when I was a child. Every time I pass by Yuen Long, I will go to eat and recall my childhood.” “I help Qu all the time. Die”.

Help with the family business. (“Look East and West” program)

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