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The TVB information program “Looking Around” reported last week (14th) that a deaf-mute woman, Meihua, was suspected of being invaded by a female security guard A Juan. She would live in the corridors of the estate, on the street, and even the No. 8 typhoon signal had to spend the night outdoors. Netizens are cold on Ah Juan’s behavior. This week, “Dong Zhang” predicted a dramatic development. A Juan finally agreed to hand over the key, went out to greet Meihua, and apologized: “Sorry, I did a good and wrong thing, and it was really not human.” Wiping away tears and confessing to Meihua on her knees, “I hope you forgive me and return to live with me.”

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“Looking Around” has the latest development today (25th). It talked about the female security guard confessing to Meihua, but Meihua was unwilling to forgive her, and even more angrily accused the female security guard of speaking big words: “Don’t want to listen! Don’t believe it! Uh, I, Tell the big story!” After that, the film crew entered Meihua’s room. In order to welcome Meihua to return home, the female security guard prepared a large amount of chicken for Meihua to please her: “If you return, I will go out to buy food. Let’s eat! Meihua loves chicken the most. I’ll go buy a chicken and return!”

She confessed that she was sick, and pointed out that Meihua didn’t sleep at night and cleaned up the house, and first hurried Meihua out of the street. But after the show came out, the female security guard’s family made her call for her inhumanity, so she changed her previous mistakes and knelt down in tears, begging Meihua to return to the house: “Meihua, this time I’m not staying with you! People all over the world knelt down and confessed their mistakes, hoping that you can come back and live with me, it shouldn’t be you.” However, Meihua still asked for legal action. The trailer also revealed that the female security guard broke out another shocking statement: “If you don’t come back, I’ll be on the street with you!”

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