looking for flu shots

Liliane suffers from several chronic illnesses. Like every year, this resident of Privas received her anti-influenza vaccine withdrawal voucher from the primary health insurance fund. She scoured all the pharmacies in her area. In vain. And she worried a lot. She ended up changing department: she widened her search to Drôme and finally found a vaccine in a pharmacy in Livron.

I have to say that of chronically ill patients who receive this withdrawal voucher was only 50% to apply for it in recent years. 90% did so this year. This is partly what caused this shortage.

One and a half million doses

One and a half million doses of the flu vaccine are expected to arrive from the beginning of December. These are doses taken from the state stock. But it is not certain that this is sufficient. A priori chronically ill people should have access. But it will be more complicated for everyone.

Eric Sauvan is a pharmacist in Privas. He has had no vaccine for several days. The 700 vaccines he ordered were all gone within weeks. Usually he delivers them until January. Eric Sauvan does not know if he will receive new ones. But he decided to prioritize the requests if he does not have enough doses. It will deliver vaccines to people in greatest difficulty among the chronically ill who request them.

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