Loose Sutures – Sado Sex for Dummies – Album Review

2023-05-25 07:13:30

Loose Sutures – Sado Sex for Dummies
Sardinia / Italy
Label: Electric Valley Records
Heavy Fuzz / Stoner / Garage Punk

Loose Sutures are a hardworking group. Founded in 2019, the guys from Sardinia have Sado Sex for Dummies already their third album out of the ground. That the band now has the guitarist Giuseppe Hussain no longer in their ranks, they compensated by adding the previous guitarist for the live performances Mark is missing.

Otherwise the band has stayed true to their trademarks. There’s a dusty and dirty mix of garage rock, stoner and fuzzy guitars. Maybe there’s also a pinch of the 1970s feeling, but it’s definitely fun because it’s honest, free and casual.

Like the title Sado Sex for Dummies bluntly, tell us Loose Sutures nasty, violent and sexist stories straight out of an old B-movie from the back row video store. You don’t want to see it every day, but when the film comes on you have to watch it and you just enjoy yourself. Loose Sutures seduce to listen and wrap us in their dirty stories.

Tales from the highway

With Highway Shooter let’s get in the car, turn down all the windows and race through wide streets and small, narrow towns. We are the ones who frighten and laugh in people’s faces. Just party, let yourself go and let it rip, just as you want. Everyone knows that at some point the cops will come and there will be a final shooting. Highway Shooter is played casually. It sounds brutal and nothing is finely worked out. There is this number with fuzzy guitars and big balls HERE listen.

The following Another Hell sounds reverberant as if from another world. The guitars shuffle a dense sound. Residual light penetrates through dirty windows and colors everything a clayey yellow. The Stoner dust is still crunching between our teeth during the following Sadism and Gallows with a spiteful “Welcome to Violence” welcomed. Everything sounds dark, gloomy and also has a touch of the occult.

Drive, boogie and the last woman alive

There sounds White Line due to the fast boogie at first it was almost positive. But the song slows down the tempo badly and becomes ultra heavy. In the middle everything is divided by a solo drum part. In the end he returns with a lot of drive. The guitars roar and an organ played by Fabio Dismantledcondenses everything again.

There’s something about this song. The singing voice sounds evil and also tells evil stories Kinky Katy. The guitar controls Alain Johannes at which maybe some of those Queens of the Stone Age and Eleven know from. The musical implementation of the story can HERE be heard. So much is given: you wake up and Kinky Katy tied you up. You lie on the ground, at the mercy of her violence and she doesn’t think for a second about your survival.

Fuzzy, casual and with a punk attitude

At He’s My Friend you can already hear the new guest on the microphone. No less than Nick Oliveri von Moans bawls or barks acoustically alienated. The song grooves one-dimensionally and is fuzzy to the point of dying. Everything is screaming at the punky outburst Oliver’s cropped. Only the guitar is allowed to prove itself in between.

Even with the dynamic Cowbell From Hell and the final one Black Star Flashing permit Loose Sutures not deviate from their concept. They roast the sound from the vibrating guitars and spit out the vocals. A fucked-up punk feeling mixes with the nonchalance of stoner rock to create a unique sound that doesn’t really fit into any category, but comes across as honest and cool.

Loose Sutures
let it rip in all respects on the third album as well. On Sado Sex for Dummies everything the band wants is presented. The dirty stories are distorted, screamed out and thus take on a range from stoner to pissed off garage punk. An honest, cool and unusual album. 8 / 10

Line Up
Antonio Pilo – guitar, vocals
Marcello Meridda – Bass, Percussions
Marco Angius – drums, vocals

01. Highway Shooter
02. Another Hell
03. Sadism and Gallows
04. White Line
05. Kinky Katy (feat. Alain Johannes)
06. He’s My Friend (feat. Nick Oliveri)
07. Cowbell From Hell
08. Black Star Flashing

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