Lopera turns on the chupinazo in the Morante enclosures in La Puebla del Río

The Sevillian town of La Puebla del Río has once again hosted a confinement of wild cattle within the programming of the San Sebastian festivities at the impulse of right-handed Morante de la Puebla, who has renewed the commitment made with his hometown to reissue an event which has again exceeded all attendance forecasts.

The holiday program had had to be postponed a whole day due to the inclement weather but has remained intact. The morning of this Sunday had started with the religious function in honor of the patron of the town, San Sebastián, which was taken out of the parish temple to preside from his passage the confinement from the Corner of the Clock, next to the Long Street.

The release of the cattle was delayed a few minutes after the mandatory chupinazo that sounded at noon from a balcony of the Clock Corner of the old town hall of La Puebla. The former president of Real Betis Balompié Manuel Ruiz de Lopera, expressly invited by Morante, was responsible for starting the rocket in the middle of a real clamor.

A new gunpowder traffic finished clearing the street, beginning the fast-paced descent of Dolores Rufino’s cattle. The route, identical to that of the previous five years, covered an approximate extension of 700 meters that separates the corrals enabled in a plot of the portable plaza installed in the esplanade of the old tram parking garages.

The bulls spent little more than a minute to reach the sew in a clean, fast and fast-paced race in which there was no regret of any mishap or mishap. At the end of the descent of the steers a cow was released for the recreation of all the fans.

The loose steers, marked with the iron of Dolores Rufino, will be stolen in the afternoon of this Sunday by the rejoneadora palatial Esmeralda Quintín and the young bullfighters Álvaro Alfonso, Manuel Olivero, Peregrino, Nabil ‘El Morenito’ and Germán Vidal ‘El Melli’ . .

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