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L'Oréal is revolutionizing videoconferencing

“Signature Faces” the new innovation of the French industrial group of cosmetic products. A make-up experience in the digital age in collaboration with the Virtue agency.

At a time when confinement rhymes with 2020, teleworking has become the daily routine of a large part of the population. Videoconferences are linked on various platforms: Zoom, Meet, Skype, Teams, Hangout… This is how L’Oréal launched its new innovation. Who has not dreamed of waking up very dapper at 7.55am for their 8am videoconference? This is now possible with “Signature Faces”.

L’Oréal now offers a whole range of virtual make-up available on the main video-conference platforms. This range is available in three collections: “Volumising Capsules”, “Plump Shot” and “Fire Match”. In total there are 10 filters signed L’Oréal only available in virtual. To be made up in video-conference, just download the software Snapcam available on Mac and Windows. Then you access “Signature Faces” and the filters are added to your computer’s webcam. Applying makeup has never been faster, now it’s just a click away!

This is not a first step in the virtual world for L’Oréal. It was already possible to test a mascara, a lipstick or a coloring tint on the website of the brand. Or to carry out your skin diagnosis in a selfie with “Skin Genius”.

So to you the fresh complexion and awake from 8 am to 6 pm!

Visuel: © Vicente Nieves Moro

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