Lorenz Caffier: Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania’s interior minister resigns after buying weapons

Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania’s Prime Minister Manuela Schwesig (SPD) has to look for a new interior minister. Lorenz Caffier step back. The CDU politician is drawing the conclusions from buying a weapon from a dealer associated with the right-wing extremist group “Nordkreuz”.

“I have to recognize that in this situation I no longer have the necessary authority to be able to exercise the office of interior minister with all my might until September 2021,” it says in one Statement by Caffierswhich was released in the afternoon. »I therefore act as Minister of the Interior and Europe back at the end of today. “

“The acquisition was not a mistake, but how I handled it”

Last week, the interior minister initially had evasive on one A journalist’s question answeredwhether he privately bought a gun as a hunter from or through a former member of a right-wing extremist group or completed shooting training with him. On Friday, Caffier had the purchase admitted in the SPIEGEL interview.

Caffier had a Glock in 2018 acquired from marksman Frank T.. At that time, they had been training on its shooting range for a good two years Members of the right-wing extremist group “Nordkreuz”. When buying the weapon, Caffier said last week that he did not suspect any contact between the man and right-wing extremists.

“I bought a gun from someone I shouldn’t have gotten from today. But: It wasn’t the acquisition that was a mistake, but my handling of it. I apologize for that, ”says Caffier’s explanation.

It hurts him deeply and is an extremely great burden “that the reporting suggests any closeness to right-wing circles.” Caffier again denied this accusation that it was “simply absurd”.

Caffier presented the resignation as a step to protect his family, his environment and his employees. “The last few days have been an unbearable burden for everyone and I cannot answer to myself for continuing to subject the people, who have sacrificed so much for me, to this burden.” He wanted damage from the government, from the coalition and ultimately with it turn away from the land.

Several times in the statement, Caffier criticized the coverage of the case. This was “completely uninhibited”. He called the media business “merciless and unfortunately all too often undifferentiated”.

Caffier has been Minister of the Interior since 2006. Since 2011 he has also been Deputy Prime Minister. He has been a member of the state parliament since 1990. He wanted to continue exercising his mandate as a member of parliament, the statement said. He will “take it seriously also in the future and support me on the ground”. Caffier represents the constituency of Mecklenburg Lake District V in parliament.

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