Lorenzo Córdova and Jacobo Molina could be investigated for irregularities, says Secretary of the Interior

The Secretary of the Interior, Adán Augusto, affirmed that with the end of the period of Lorenzo Córdova “a black period in the INE ends” and outlined that the former president of the institute and the former executive secretary, Edmundo Jacobo Molina, could be subjects of investigation for alleged irregularities.

In an interview in Tabasco, after inaugurating the Centennial Baseball Stadium in Tabasco, he was questioned about the new stage of the INE and stated that “Some series of irregularities will surely appear, they have told us committed by Mr. Jacobo.”

Questioned about an alleged shelving by the now former president of the INE to investigations into electoral irregularities committed by Enrique Peña Nieto, he said that for very “Lorenzo Córdova, whoever he is, does not have public prosecutor’s powers. Then we will have to review what was wrong.”

“Like all public servants who are subject to scrutiny, we can be investigated for possible responsibilities”but clarified that the federal government does not have the powers of investigator, prosecutor or public prosecutor, so it will correspond to the responsible instances.

He defended the process and the new directors of the INE, especially Jorge Montaño, who said he is a Tabasco native with a recognized career and connoisseur of electoral law.

When asked about the end of Lorenzo Córdova’s term as president of the INE, he said that “a black period in the National Electoral Institute ends” y on Monday a new stage will begin with the new president and the three new directors.

He announced a first meeting with the General Council of the INE, the governors of Coahuila and the state of Mexico, the head of Public Security, Rosa Icela Rodríguez and himself, to set up an inter-secretariat committee accompanied by the Prosecutor’s Office for Electoral Crimes it is guaranteed that the elections “are carried out in holy peace”.

He said it will be an event”unprecedented because they never convened the full collegiate body, the general council of the INE is a collegiate body and yet it seems that only the president, at that time, Lorenzo Córdova accompanied by his figurehead and waiter, Edmundo Jacobo, executive secretary, since they were the only ones who represented the institute”.

A little before, during the inauguration of the Centenario stadium, he noted: “We are going to be champions in 2024 and the transformation will continue.”

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