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Goalkeeper about career and private life |

Karius confession! I regret these mistakes today

Once he was in the Champions League final, now he is without a club.

Loris Karius’ career break (29)! The ex-Liverpool goalkeeper has been without a club for almost five weeks and keeps fit near his home in Ulm.

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Karius in the “Sky” interview: “It’s a situation that I haven’t had before. To be free, to be able to choose the club freely. I see it as an opportunity and a fresh start.”

The high and low point of his career: the Champions League final with Liverpool in 2018 (1: 3 against Real Madrid), when he made two major mistakes. That stuck with him for a long time: “Some things didn’t go well back then and a lot of circumstances came together. That hurts. Of course it took me a long time to process it. It took time.”

The result: He lost his place with coach Jürgen Klopp (55). Loans to Besiktas Istanbul and Union Berlin followed. On his return, he was back on the bench at Liverpool.

The ex-Mainzer regrets one thing. “In retrospect, I would not make the move to Union Berlin now. That was shortly before the end of the transfer, when I didn’t want to sit on the bench at Liverpool and wanted to have match practice.”

But nothing came of it. After a season of just five appearances, he returned to Anfield. Karius: “I only had one conversation with the person in charge, and I was assured that I would be in goal and that I would get my playing time straight away. Unfortunately that didn’t happen. I never really had a fair chance to excel there.”

Now he wants to attack again. “There are inquiries, we’ve already spoken, but for me the club wasn’t there yet. I still have great qualities and it’s not for nothing that I’ve played so many games at a high level.”

He doesn’t just want to do things differently in terms of sport. Also private. Karius: “I’m a guy who actually shies away from the public. But through my past relationships, I got a bit into the tabloids, involuntarily. I made a mistake or two. I stand by that, I take full responsibility for it.”

Above all, his relationship at the time with TV presenter Sophia Thomalla made headlines. Karius: “The image that was created of me is distorted. I’m actually a very introverted guy. But I’ve made mistakes in the past, including in my private life. That’s why this picture was taken. I want to change that and put it in the right light. I’m someone who does everything for family, friends and the club and wants to be recognized for my sporting achievements.”

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