Los Angeles Angels | Albert Pujols will think about his future after the season

(Anaheim) Albert Pujols woke up with a start after a nap Monday in Arizona, to find that hundreds of messages had been left on his cell phone.

Posted on February 27, 2021 at 3:26 p.m.

Greg Beacham
The Associated Press

While he slept, the wife of Los Angeles Angels power hitter Deidre posted a thank you message on Instagram about her husband which was interpreted by many to be an announcement of Pujols’ retirement after the present season – its 21e in the Major Leagues.

“Hey, it’s life today with social media,” Pujols said with a laugh on Saturday. It’s sad that everyone believed it. ”

The 41-year-old veteran was quick to recall what he’s been saying for months: He still hasn’t decided if he will continue his career after securing his 10-year, $ 240 million contract with the Angels this fall. In addition, he will not make any announcements on this subject until the conclusion of the next campaign.

“I believe that our organization, our friends, the people who have followed my career for 21 years deserve better than a simple message left on Instagram”, confided Pujols during his first interview of the spring training camp.

“All of this has taken on disproportionate dimensions. I do not even think about it. I’m focusing on the next season, on my health, and I want this team to win this year. That’s all. If I feel like it’s over at the end of the season, then I’ll announce it and go home. But I still don’t think about it. ”

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