Los Angeles Clippers excuses after losing game 7

The team of Angeles Clippers is going through one of the biggest humiliations they have had as franchises, and that is to lose a series in which they were up 3-1 and were heading to the conference finals in the NBA.

Because of that, many of their players have come out publicly and given some justifications as to why perhaps Clippers they were humiliated by the Denver Nuggets.

First, Paul George stated that for Clippers This season was not so consistent, since it was the championship or being sent home, that is, the chemistry was not enough to be champions:

(Internally, we have always felt that this is not a championship year or failure for us, we hope)

Second, the base of Angeles Clippers, Lou Williams also had a justification that seemed a bit cowardly to many fans of the NBAHowever, it could also be true.

(We had championship expectations. We had the talent to do it. We didn’t have the chemistry to do it)

While Doc Rivers, the manager, did not elaborate much but if I get to the point:

(We did not meet expectations).

Above all, many players from the Clippers they made it clear that most of the team was totally exhausted in the fourth quarter.

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