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This Tuesday presents several duels with attractive schedules for NBA fans. In addition to the game between Mavericks and Kings (13.30 CDMX, 15.30 Argentina), the Phoenix Suns of the World Cup MVP, Ricky Rubio, faces are seen with one of the great favorites, Los Angeles Clippers. Very attractive duel that begins at 15 CDMX, 17 Argentina.

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2-0 record for Phoenix and 1-1 for LA. The Suns they won without convincing the Wizards and, in a powerful second encounter, they knocked the Mavs de Luka Doncic. For their part, the Clippers lost the initial duel against their neighbors the Lakers, to compensate later with a destroyer first part and beat up Pelicans.

What are the keys to the match between Suns and Clippers? We analyze them below.

The Clippers, shooting more and better

Even if the Clippers were the third best attack in the NBA to stopDoc Rivers team can offer better versions. It is what is expected from a team that powerful and with a coach who has previously worked with top-tier stars. However, those in Los Angeles are not up to the triple.

Paul George and Kawhi Leonard they are two very capable shooters, especially the first. Lou Williams It is one of the biggest threats in dribble shooting and, around these, they have Marcus Morris, Landry Shamet, Reggie Jackson, JaMychal Green, Patrick Beverley e incluso Patrick Patterson. The list of shooters is important.

Before the stop, the Clippers were 10th on the outside. The number enters the top 10 by the hairs, but it loses some force when removing its position in the classification of triples by 100 possessions: 18th with 32.2 attempts. Rivers emphasized wanting to change this and focus the lineups more towards small-ball. In both meetings at Disney, The Clippers are the 2nd team in triples for 100 possessions (40.1 behind Rockets only) and, best of all, 1st in success (49.4%). The sample is small and promising.

The maximum exponent is being PG, showing very fine and with recovered shoulders: 30 points and a 6 of 11 in triples against Lakers, and 28 points and 8 of 11 against Pelicans. Accumulate 14 of 22 (64%) in exterior shots in the first two encounters.

Headlines vs. Bank

Ricky Rubio and Devin Booker They have started their Disney career with great intensity. Phoenix has little room for failure and the starting outside partner has been the best in duels against Wizards and Mavs. Spanish averages 17.5 points, 8 assists, 5 rebounds, 1.5 steals and 50% in triples (3 attempts) in 30.6 minutes. The escort is in 28.5 points, 4 rebounds and 4 assistsBut he must take better care of the ball (4 losses) and find the rhythm in the outside shot (27.3% in triples).

The big news from the Suns is Mikal Bridges. In the face of Kelly Oubre’s injury, both the young man trained in Villanova and the rookie Cameron Johnson they are stepping forward. Bridges has the team’s highest average minutes in the first two games (36.1) and is more confident. Yes, He is not shooting well from the outside either: he accumulates a 1 of 8 (12,5%).

Although the shot does not work, the starting quintet does. More forcefulness is expected from Deandre Ayton, but the initial lineup (Rubio, Booker, Bridges, Johnson, Ayton) registers a positive net ratio of 6.9. They score 103.4 points for every 100 possessions, a number that must improve, and a powerful 96.6 defensive ratio. Even so, being only two games, the statistics should be analyzed with more tweezers. Phoenix defended poorly in the first game against the Wizards, while in the second they did improve against Dallas, beyond the problems of Luka and company in the clutch.

The Suns’ problem is in the second unit, which after two games seems far from fitting its pieces. Monty Williams is using Jevon Carter, Dario Saric and Cameron Payne as main pieces. Frank Kaminsky receives less presence by being thin with the shot and exposing his usual problems behind. The doubt resides in Aron Baynes, which has already passed the quarantine and isolation process. The Australian can offer differences from the bank as long as he is healthy.

Time to force the miracle

Both Suns and Clippers apply a high pace of play, although at an offensive level they are different. It is true that Angelenos are favorites, but this meeting presents an exceptional opportunity for Phoenix: Memphis, protector of 8th place, accumulates a 0-3 after losing against the Pelicans. For Phoenix, beating the Clippers would be a very positive mood point.

After falling to the Lakers, the feeling with the Rivers is that they went out to eat New Orleans. They went with all and in a matter of two quarters they left the duel sentenced. Will they repeat effort against an inferior team or will they show a more relaxed version? The question of each game with the Clippers in 2019-2020, what face will we see.

There is a precedent for the optimism of the Phoenix follower who dreams of the Play-in: The Suns beat the Clippers on Oct. 26, in the third game of the season, with Devin Booker starring.. But that night was different: Kelly Oubre was playing, now injured, and Ayton was out due to suspension. The Clippers did not have Paul George, but they did with the Williams-Harrell duo. The final Sixth Man of the Year is questionable for the game and Harrell, favorite for the 2020 one, has yet to return to Disney.

Phoenix is ​​13th in the West with 28 wins and 39 losses, 3.5 games away from Memphis. As the Lakers secure first place in the West, The Clippers’ career becomes defending second: 45-21 and they have Denver at 1.5 games.

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