Los Angeles is furiously buying up UAZ Patriot

“A monster from Russia”, “a hulking tank”, “a car from the 90s” … Such characteristics gave a week ago, skeptical Americans about a novelty that arrived in Los Angeles from Russia. And what? In the first 24 hours after appearing on the podium of the main American auto show “UAZ” got pre-orders for … $ 3.8 million!

The UAZ Patriot, well-known to Russian hunters and fishermen in America, received a new name – Bremach 4×4. At the auto show, it is presented in two versions – classic and extreme. On the technical characteristics of the first read here… As for the extreme, specially designed for driving on nightmarish off-roading, it differs from the classics in its brutal body kit, strong towing eyes, steel bumpers and special wheels. Yes, and recall that both versions of the Russian SUV “sit” on powerful steel frames, which is valuable in itself today.

The first ever Russian car to be officially shipped to the United States will hit the American buyer not only with steel frames, but also with price. Californian company Bremash, which represents Patriot in America, emphasizes that it has the best price / quality ratio in the class of midsize SUVs. The price of a Bremach 4×4 standard configuration is $ 26,405. Moreover, it is also given an excellent warranty – 5 years or 100,000 km, and for the transmission – 10 years or 200,000 km.

SUVs like the Patriot do not have many sales markets outside of Russia. Roughly speaking, in the world, in fact, it is only the United States and Canada. Therefore, the rate on the American motorist was verified as much as possible. However, the latter immediately appreciated the brutality of the “Russian tank”, and its frame, and, of course, the price. During the first 24 hours of the Los Angeles dealership, deposits for the purchase of “cars from the 90s” amounted to almost $ 4 million! For how many “Patriots” the customers made a deposit, it is still unknown. But it is known that the minimum contribution was only $ 100.

UAZs in the USA will come from Russia unassembled – a screwdriver assembly will be organized at Bremach’s facilities in California. Shipments of “Russian monsters” to the first American buyers will begin next year.


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