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Whether it comes to weight loss or obesity, foods related to weight and body shape, many people often point the finger at white rice. In particular, low-sugar and low-carbon diets have become popular recently, and white rice has become the “source of all evil.” Regarding this, Ni Manting’s nutritionist complained for white rice and also reminded that weight loss is for health, but please do not lose your health first because of weight loss.

Give up white rice to lose weight? 3 calorie nutrition should be balanced intake

Nutritionist Ni Manting pointed out that carbohydrates are one of the three major nutrients that constitute calories and are the main source of calories for the human body. Weight reduction can indeed be achieved by reducing sugars, but to achieve weight loss, reducing protein and oil intake can also be done. Obtained, the three are also the three major nutrients that constitute calories. The key lies in the proportional distribution and total calories. When carbohydrate intake is insufficient, protein is only burned as calories, reminding people not to mistakenly think that eating too much protein will turn into muscle.

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Losing weight

High blood fat and other problems in the case of losing weight without eating rice

A nutritionist Ni Manting also shared a case in which he was on a ketogenic diet without eating white rice. Each meal weighed about 500 grams of fish or meat and a few eggs. After more than 3 months, he lost more than 10 kg in weight. Such weight loss results seem to be quite superior, but the case began to experience a series of adverse reactions, including hyperlipidemia, dizziness, dizziness, and poor mood.

The nutritionist Ni Manting pointed out that in this case, you could eat four bowls of rice from one meal. When the white rice was completely eliminated, the calorie of one meal was reduced by 1120 calories. After three months, it would naturally lose weight to more than 10 kilograms. The practice completely discards the carbohydrates of the three major nutrients, and of course the body will be out of condition. On the other hand, if the rice was reduced to one bowl in this case, and it was paired with an appropriate amount of protein, it would still be able to lose weight.

Later, the case returned to normal diet due to health problems. For example, he started eating braised pork rice with sausage for dinner. In this regard, the nutritionist said that the key to gaining weight due to this is not rice, but high-fat processed foods such as minced meat and sausages.

In addition to the aforementioned cases, there have also been cases of women who have been consuming carbohydrates for a long time, leading to messy menstruation, menstruation not coming for half a month, and even hair loss. It is appealing to people to have balanced nutrition when losing weight to avoid health problems.

Don’t want to eat rice to lose weight?Expert: Can eat corn and other foods instead

Nutritionist Ni Manting said that reducing sugar to achieve weight loss is indeed feasible, but it is more suitable for a large number of starch lovers as mentioned above. Although carbohydrates are one of the three major nutrients that constitute calories, it does not mean that they should be completely cut off when losing weight and can be taken in a moderate amount. However, it is not recommended to not eat for a long time or to extremely low amounts. If you are still concerned about white rice, you can also eat other prototype foods such as pumpkin, sweet potato, taro, corn, and five-grain rice that are also classified as starches. This type of food contains more dietary fiber and micronutrients. In terms of diet, he is not opposed to replacing plain rice.

Losing weight

Dietitian Ni Manting reminded that the ideal way to lose weight is “long-term use without harm to health.” It is the best strategy to use natural and healthy eating and lifestyle adjustments to achieve weight loss. If you want to use a special diet to lose weight, it is recommended to discuss and accompany with professional medical personnel, and take blood tests regularly to ensure your health.

Losing weight

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