Lossless delivery Amazon Music HD is now available in Japan at no additional charge –Engadget Japan version

Lossless / high resolution distribution “Amazon Music HD” is no longer required in Japan. It can be used by users who have subscribed to “Amazon Music Unlimited” excluding student plans and one-device plans.

“Amazon Music HD” has more than 75 million songs of “lossless HD sound quality” of up to 850kbps 16bit / 44.1kHz, and more than 7 million songs of “ULTRA HD sound quality (high resolution distribution)” of up to 3730kbps up to 24bit / 192kHz.

Until now, even users of “Amazon Music Unlimited” had to pay an additional fee of 1000 yen a month for this service, but last monthChanges in the United States etc.Following that, there is no additional charge in Japan.

The monthly charge for “Amazon Music Unlimited”, which allows you to use “Amazon Music HD” at no additional charge, is 980 yen for the “Individual Plan”. If you are an Amazon Prime member, it will be 780 yen.

For high-quality music distribution, Apple also offers lossless and Dolby Atmos-compatible distribution on Apple Music at no additional charge.begindoing.

Amazon Music HD


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