Lost in Antarctica, a wallet returned 53 years later

A US Navy meteorologist was happily surprised to see a wallet he had lost … 53 years earlier in Antarctica returned.

Paul Grisham, now 91, could not even remember losing the item when strangers contacted him to deliver it to him by mail, the California daily The San Diego Union-Tribune told Thursday. .

The fortuitous discovery was made at the time of the destruction in 2014 of the science base on Ross Island where the sailor was stationed as a forecaster from October 1967 to November 1968.

Grisham’s wallet was thus hidden behind a cloakroom and contained, among other things, his Navy ID card, his driver’s license, instructions in the event of a biological or chemical attack, and … a ration ticket for beer.

The dazed sailor said he was “blown away” that so many people scrambled to reunite the wallet with its owner.

Because it is a whole chain of Good Samaritans who allowed the reunification of the object to its owner.

One of the managers of a research group in Antarctica contacted one of his former employees who had already succeeded in such an operation with a sailor’s bracelet discovered in a store. With his daughter, they appealed to a foundation for veterans, who contacted the Association of the Naval Weather Service of which Paul Grisham was a member.

The wallet finally arrived last Saturday in good condition at the veteran’s residence in San Carlos, Southern California.


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