Lothar Matthäus and Patrick Kluivert distance themselves

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Proximity to prominence

The Karatbars boss has football legend Lothar Matthäus fly into Amsterdam.

(Photo: Karatbars International GmbH)

Frankfurt, Berlin Only a few weeks ago, the former top soccer players Lothar Matthäus and Patrick Kluivert were on stage with Karatbars boss Harald Seiz. The gold trader had invited the star guests to Amsterdam to advertise his alleged gold-covered cryptocurrency.

Kluivert, former FC Barcelona striker, said: "It will be very big. Karatbars and the cryptocoin is the future. I hope everyone joins this platform. "DFB record player Matthew said in the video distributed via Youtube from the Karatbars advertising event:" The important thing is that you believe in it. "

But on Monday, financial regulators in several countries pulled the plug on the "Karatgold Coin" (KBC).

The Bafin accused Seiz of having spent a donation in Belize without permission electronic money in Germany. The authority demanded that the transaction be carried out without delay.

The South African regulator FSCA released a product warning on karatbars the same day. The 56-year-old allegedly collected 100 million euros from investors. The Handelsblatt reported extensively on Monday about what Seiz had announced to its investors – and what it stood up to for scrutiny.

Statements torn out of context

Now even the former professional footballers do not want to have anything to do with the Stuttgart gold dealer. Matthew seems to be misrepresented by karatbars. In the video excerpt it sounds as if he talks about the plans and visions of CEO Seiz.

But the conversation passage was torn out of context, said on Wednesday a spokesman for Lothar Matthäus the British newspaper "Guardian". "He spoke at this point about his fight after the cruciate ligament rupture in 1991 to return to football, so he did not support products of karatbars," commented the spokesman.

Matthäus also emphasized that he had not known Karatbars boss Seiz before the request for the performance in Amsterdam. A routine check that takes place before all Matthew appearances would not have given any warnings.

The Dutch striker Kluivert is called to the stage together with Roberto Carlos, Brazilian world champion from 2002. The moderator introduces the star kickers by saying, "They trust our technology."

Kluivert denied to the Dutch newspaper "Het Financieele Dagblad" to be an ambassador of the Stuttgart company. He had neither a business relationship with Seiz nor invested money in the digital currency.

"I was invited by a football friend from Spain to attend a private event in Amsterdam," said Kluivert, who is currently the director of FC Barcelona's legendary youth academy. "I was informed online before the event but did not see any negative messages."

Counter via Facebook

Entrepreneur Seiz responded to the Handelsblatt's coverage with an opinion on the Karatbars Facebook page: Karatbars and its products never hurt a customer or partner, he assured. "We are not aware of official investigations. We are completely transparent. We have nothing to hide. "Karatbars cooperates with the authorities" naturally "and" in full. "

However, Seiz had previously told the Handelsblatt to not implement the Bafin order. "Nobody can reverse a KBC here." The Coins would have included in Germany only as a bonus to other karatbars products. The foreign countries do not concern the Bafin: "They can not decide on the whole world."

Photos with celebrities are part of Seiz's staging on social media as well as fast cars. Pictures on Instagram show him with the Hollywood actresses Charlize Theron and Sharon Stone, boxing legend Axel Schulz or singer Marc Terenzi.

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  1. Pathetic journalism. This article mentioned Hendelsblatt releasing negative news about Karatbars as though it were a reliable resource. Marvin Steinberg, who stole billions of coins from the company, admitted under interrogation by police in Dubai that he hired Hendelsblatt to post defamatory articles about Karatbars with false info so he could manipulate market prices. Hendelsblatt also received a court fine for such activity and was warned of future fines for every peice of false info they release. And this article mentions Hendelsblatt like it were reliable? Get out of here


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