Lots of beer, wine, building materials among others: Customs announces new online auction | Economy

The entire system is online and those interested will be able to purchase everything from wines to kitchen items. The auction will last three days.

With a catalog of 199 lots The fourth Electronic Auction of the National Customs Service will be held, which this time includes hundreds of products that may be of high interest to individuals, entrepreneurs or SMEs of restaurants, hotels and cafeterias (Horeca category) and construction.

The detail of all the goods and the conditions in which they will be auctioned between the Wednesday 27 and Friday 29 October is now available on the site www.subastaaduanera.cl.

In this fourth electronic version, the managing Customs is that of Valparaíso with products under the custody of the Valparaíso, Arica, Los Andes and San Antonio Customs.

The goods

Within the most striking there is hundreds of wines and beers seized in the port of San Antonio: the lots each contain 36 bottles of Casa White brand Argentine white wine, with a minimum bid amount starting at $ 21,000.

Meanwhile, from lot 112 to lot 137 there are 40 boxes each with 20 bottles of German beer Das Helle, Das Schwarze and other brands, with starting prices between $ 182,000 and $ 149,000.

And from lot 138 to 200 there are more Argentine wines of various strains and brands, in boxes of 36 bottles, with values ​​from $ 21,000 to $ 44,000.

Associated with this item, but stored in Valparaíso, is lot 72 with various kitchen items such as wok, electric rice cookers and gas ranges, with a minimum amount of $ 164,000.

Also in Valparaíso, a series of construction materials, such as lots 35 to 44 with steel beams of various sizes, with minimum values ​​between $ 100,000 and $ 888,000. Lots 45 to 61 contain steel tubes, also of various sizes, with minimum values ​​between $ 82,000 and $ 403,000

In addition, from lot 66 to 69 there is a series of motorcycle accessories, with minimum amounts between $ 60,000 and $ 90,000. And from lot 73 to 81, modern monitors, cameras and accessories for babies will be auctioned, with starting prices between $ 36,000 and $ 1,009,000.

Machinery, cameras and kitchen items

Of the products stored in Arica, batches 7 to 12 stand out with more than 100 energy saving light bulbs each starting between $ 810,000 and $ 1,125,000.

Lot 13 contains a Caterpillar brand excavator, from the year 1999, with a minimum amount of $ 4,457,000, in lot 14 there is a second Volvo brand backhoe, of the year 2007, with a minimum amount of $ 6,525,000.

And each of lots 25 and 26 have 10 cameras Nikon brand Coolpix S3000 and its accessories, with a minimum amount of $ 500,000.

Finally, in Los Andes, in lot 33, there are 30 bags of 25 metallic balloons with numbers, and other supplies for birthdays and kitchen supplies, with a minimum value of $ 109,000.

Online auction

Those who wish to participate in the Electronic Customs Auction must register with Unique Key in the place www.subastaaduanera.cl and once the lots of interest have been chosen, they must deposit the guarantees of 20% for each one, which can only be done until 8:00 am on Monday, October 25.

The entire system is online, including the validation of the guarantees, after which they are enabled to place bids between Wednesday 27, Thursday 28 and Friday 29 October.

It should be considered that the auction is made in two parts, which is reported within the same site.

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