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Reporter Wang Yixiang / Comprehensive Report

Chinese professional baseball Lotte Peach Ape announced on the 7th the first half of the season home regular game ticket sales time and themed party time. Lotte’s pre-sale of home game tickets this year will be sold exclusively at FamilyMart convenience store. The first theme party will be in March. Held from the 23rd to April 1st, the whole audience will present TaoyuanTogether peach ape main color bristle jackets to play the opening victory.

▲The theme party and ticket sales method for the first half of 2021, Lotte Peach Ape. (Photo courtesy of Lotte Peach Monkey)

In the first half of the Taoyuan Stadium, spectators are still limited in accordance with the policy. The new theme of the first half of the season is on the stage. All players on and off the “Unity Day” will be presented with TaoyuanTogether peach ape color bristle coats. ! There is no difficult work even on Children’s Day. The whole ape’s home game has turned into a toy exhibition. The toy party is the first one to reward the whole ape. Can your favorite star become your toy? Thank you Electrolux for supporting the national football. The brand-new uniforms and the eighth year of the Electrolux theme party at the All-Ape home stadium have deeply rooted Sweden’s first home appliance brand. -196℃ Strong Home Party makes boys greedy for cups, and girls are slightly drunk. To welcome Mother’s Day, the festival dedicated to girls is not to be missed.

▲The theme party and ticket sales method for the first half of 2021, Lotte Peach Ape. (Photo courtesy of Lotte Peach Monkey)

The classic theme of the 9th Shin Kong Purple Party is here. This year, you can’t only have 500 pockets. Let’s start the Purple Disco at the home court of All Apes! The talent party has been brewing for a long time, and there are so many talents from all walks of life, but it is rare that they will appear at the home court of the whole ape. The No. 10 teammate witnessed the happiest classic talent show in one day! The new project Jazz music is a perfect day, the city is full of wine and jazz, high-end life and relaxing new experience, jazz should be a monkey, the jazz event is in Peach!

Lotte Peach Ape said that the first half of the season’s home pre-sale will be from March 23 (Tue) to June 1 (Tue), and Peach Ape happy speculation will also be sold simultaneously with the family’s FamiPort and FamiTicket systems. This year, FamiTicket will undergo a new revision (new FamiTicket platform requires re-registering as a member), adopting a new cloud host architecture and a mobile ticketing interface. In addition, convenient e-ticket functions will also be provided. Ticket purchase, ticket collection, ticket distribution, and admission can all be completed via mobile phones. In the event of a delayed match due to rain, the e-ticket will also be automatically refunded, providing fans with a more convenient game watching experience (contact the whole network for details).

▲Brush jackets will be given to the venue during the opening week. (Photo courtesy of Lotte Peach Monkey)

2021 Golden Ape Cardholders can purchase tickets with priority at FamilyMart’s FamiPort machine and FamiTicket ticketing network from March 12 (Fri) 19:30 to March 13 (Saturday) 10:00, 2020 Happy Ape Cardholders on March 13 Sunday (Saturday) 15:00~23:59 priority ticket purchase, each person can purchase 4 tickets per show. Taiwan Rakuten credit card cardholders can purchase tickets at FamiTicket ticketing network from 9:00 to 12:00 on March 14 (Sun), and there is a limit of 4 tickets per card per game.

After membership cardholders preferentially purchase tickets, they will be fully pre-sold in the Family Ticketing System from 14:00 on March 14th (Sun) until 11:00 a.m. on the day of each game (including Happy Fry). The remaining tickets for pre-sale will be available for on-site purchase For ticket and redemption ticket exchange, seat selection services will not be provided on site. If the pre-sale is sold out, on-site ticket sales/replacement will not be provided. (March of the first half of the season at home, April 1st, Sunbeam Purple Party are all themed days for price increases)

Ticket sales schedule:
❏3/12 (Friday) 19:30-3/13 (Saturday) 10:00
Golden Ape Card Friends FamiTicket, FamiPort pre-order
❏3/13 (Sat) 15:00-23:59
Pre-order for FamiTicket and FamiPort
❏3/14 (Sun) 09:00-12:00
Rakuten credit card FamiTicket pre-order
❏3/14 (Sun) 14:00 to 11:00 on the match day
Full pre-order for FamiTicket and FamiPort
(Happy speculation is on sale simultaneously, pre-sale until 23:59 the night before the competition)

The theme party for the first half of the whole ape home game:
❏Taoyuan Together Unity Day: +4/1 at home in March. (Fares increase in the whole area of ​​the field and the ticketing system information is mainly used)
❏ Toy Party: 4/3, 4/4.
❏ Electrolux theme party: 4/17, 4/18.

❏-196℃ Strong Home Party: 5/8, 5/9.
❏Xinguang Dynamic Purple Party: 5/21-5/23. (Fares increase in the whole area of ​​the field and the ticketing system information is mainly used)
❏ Master party: 5/30.
❏ Jazz party: 6/12 (pre-sale is temporarily closed).
Remarks: To cooperate with the epidemic prevention, the pellet group reserves the right to adjust the seating arrangement.

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