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Lottery neck hit lucky numbers, found a green snake curled up on a glass ball pedestal The face of the Naga

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30 Nov 2021 21:11

The gambler does not miss the lucky number. after seeing a green snake with a burning tail curled up on a pedestal pedestal The face of the Naga at Wat Phraya Hope to gamble for the period 1/12/64

On November 30, reporters reported that The last curve before the date of the government lottery draw on December 1, 2021. Lottery fans are looking for luck in various places. to gamble Especially at Wat Phraya Tham or (Wat Bon) Kabin Subdistrict, Kabin Buri District, Prachin Buri Province, which is famous for the Takhian lottery. That was brought up from the water in the Kwai Hanuman, totaling 13 trees until there are many believers and lucky people come to pray for good luck.

Today, at the dome building inside Wat Phraya Tham that preserves the Takhian tree and sacred things that the villagers respect and be a buzz After someone came to gamble Found that at Phan Luk Kaew The face of the Naga There was a fire-tailed green snake, a big, emerald-green, golden-eyed snake, laying down and curling up in numbers. without moving surprise the onlookers including the monks who are in the temple It is believed that it is a “Nakhon Ratcha” to bring luck.

From asking the people who found the green snake, it was known that this fire-tailed green snake was sleeping on a glass pan. The face of the Naga From 27 November 64, which falls on the 8th day of the waning moon of the 12th lunar month ago and is still in the same condition As for those who saw it, they took pictures and hit them in numbers.

In addition, believers who respect Mae Takhian are also found at this temple. meet by chance said in the same voice: Mae Takhian name “Mae Phikun Thong” came to visit and would like to help restore the temple to prosper like last time. Everyone promised to help the temple. Then Mae Phikunthong took the form of a young woman. Ready to say that I’m glad that my grandchildren have come to help Along with raising the hand up 5 fingers 2 times and 3 fingers 1 time hit the number 553, the green snake, the lottery neck hit the number 2, 7, 0 and 5 as well, which is also a belief. And it depends on the luck of each person.

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