Loud: “This Vendée Globe has been very tough mentally” – Info wire – Vendée Globe

Thomas Rouillard (LinkedOut), fourth in the line of this legendary Vendée Globe, concluded his press conference with a few tears: “It has been a very tough Vendée Globe mentally. It wasn’t easy without a port foil. I am proud to arrive despite this big technical problem. It took more energy to move my boat forward. Now I want to take advantage of the people who came to the finish, to find my life on earth, even if I know it is difficult, to relive simple things that we are happy to find after a crazy adventure. I am very proud to be a Tourdumondiste, very proud of myself, of my team, of having set up a project that is out of step with what we see in the world of sport. What thrills me is not just taking the helm of a boat ”.


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