Louhan and Leyla’s mother testifies after the dramatic accident which claimed the lives of her two children aged 4 and 8: “They were finally happy”

48 hours after the accident, the drama of the expressway is still in everyone’s memories. Monday morning, a stunned city woke up with a “hangover”. Two children aged 4 and 8 have lost his life in appalling circumstances.

A. V, the father-in-law and driver of the damaged car, is still being treated at the hospital in Kortrijk, where he was taken care of on Saturday. “He is seriously injured, in shock but conscious. He has no memory of his accident », Admits the mother, who wishes to remain anonymous.

► The mother is devastated, but she does not overwhelm her companion: “He blames himself terribly »

► She found her children after two and a half years of estrangement. “They were at their papa’s, which prevented me from seeing them. They were finally happy to live with us. “

Here is their story.


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