Louis Vuitton backpack and women’s belongings stolen in El Escambrón | Law

A woman was the victim of a robbery on the beach of the El Escambrón resort in San Juan, where she was brought an expensive Louis Vuitton backpack in which the victim carried $ 400 in cash, the key to a Kia 2019 vehicle and an iPhone 11 , valued at $ 900, the police reported.

The case was reported at about 2:12 p.m. today, on the grounds of the El Escambrón spa, located on Muñoz Rivera Avenue, in San Juan.

According to the complainant, Juleyca Robles, was at the spa and left her bundle in the area near the bathrooms, when someone took the backpack.

As part of the incident, they also seized another gold-colored iPhone Plus Max brand cell phone, valued at 1,500, belonging to Marielis Miranda Janer.


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