Louis Vuitton released a $ 72,000 face shield

Louis Vuitton protector
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“Eye-catching, elegant and protective,” is how Louis Vuitton describes its new face shield against the coronavirus. The design includes all the characteristic elements of the French fashion brand considered the “most valuable in the world”.

In fact, Vuitton’s new visor against covid-19 continues down the path of luxury and is worth no less than $ 961.

Of course, it is not a simple visor with the LV logo. The Louis Vuitton firm highlighted that its new protective “shield” has a “transition lens” technology. With them you can go from light to dark depending on the intensity of sunlight, and it is also possible to turn upwards to configure it as a “peaked hat”.

The new mask is part of the Cruise 2021 collection and will be available in stores around the world starting October 30. Once the fashion shows can be held again, LV ensures that its shields (LV Shields) will be a must-have accessory during fashion week in Paris.

Through a statement, Louis Vuitton stressed that the face shield is made up of an elastic strap with a monogram that surrounds the person’s head. It also has a movable shield attached by gold studs, which are in turn engraved with the LV logo.

In early April, during the peak period of the new coronavirus in Europe, Louis Vuitton reopened its workshops in France and reconverted its production line to make non-surgical masks. In this way, the luxury firm manufactured hundreds of thousands of masks for the French health system and innovated to present its collections.

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