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Original title: Louisville Athletic Assistant: Wang Shuang is a world-class player

On August 10, Beijing time, Wang Shuang officially joined the Louisville Athletic Women’s Football Club of the American Women’s Soccer League and started her third overseas trip. Then Wang Shuang participated in the team’s training. According to the Louisville Athletic’s official website, Wang Shuang is expected to make an appearance in the team’s away game against the Houston Strikers this Friday.

For Wang Shuang’s first training with the team, Louisville Athletic’s assistant coach Sanchez commented: Wang Shuang’s level is world-class. If you want to discuss world-class players in the field of women’s football, Wang Shuang will definitely have a place.

Sanchez also said: Although there are still some language barriers, Wang Shuang’s ball quotient is very high, and she only needs to show the training content once before she can implement it.Return to Sohu, see more


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