Love, Glory and Beauty, spoilers week of July 4, 2022 in the USA Spoilers in the USA

    – Mike agrees to help Sheila watch over Finn.

    – Carter, Paris and Quinn’s day ends unexpectedly.

    – Since her retirement abroad, Steffy remembers her best moments with Finn.

    – Steffy feels that all connection is not broken with her husband…

    – Ridge and Taylor vow not to let Sheila escape justice again.

    – Finn finally wakes up.

    – Jack visits Taylor and Thomas in hopes of learning more about Finn and Li.

    – Sheila tries to calm Finn whose memories are quickly reconstructed…

    – At a party, Eric announces Donna’s return to Forrester.

    – Ridge has a difficult discussion with Taylor.

    Coming :

    – Taylor gleans information about Sheila from Deacon.

    – Finn tries to escape Sheila’s surveillance.

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