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Love Is in the Air: list of countries Sen Çal Kapımı is coming to soon | You stole my heart | FAME

”Is one of the most recent hits on Turkish television, based on the love story of the florist Eda and the wealthy businessman Serkan Bolat, a couple who learn to ride through adversity. The series has been a phenomenon in Spain and very soon it would repeat the feat in other territories.

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Such has been the success of (original title) in Turkey and Spain, the Turkish product will be exported to countries in America. Thus, a total of 85 countries will be those that will enjoy the love story starring the Turkish stars Hande Ercel and Kerem Bursin. In the vast majority it has been a success and has been placed among the most followed fictions, as is the case of Italy or Brazil.

It is worth saying that, in Turkey, the telenovela ended on the Fox TV screens with its episode 52, corresponding to the second season, on September 8, 2021, with a magnificent farewell, breaking tuning records and becoming one of the finals. most commented on social networks. So which other countries will it be arriving soon ? Here are all the details.

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Eda y Serkan Bolat, protagonistas de “Love Is in the Air” (Photo: MF Production)


According to the Turkish media , “Love Is in the Air” will be broadcast in the United States through the Telemundo channel. After its arrival in the North American country, the Turkish soap opera will also be able to be seen in Chile, Costa Rica, Honduras, El Salvador, Peru and Puerto Rico, since these have been made with the production rights.


For now, no dates have been given about the premiere of “Sen Cal Kapimi” in United States. Of course, Televizyon Gazetesi mentions that soon the story of Eda and Serkan Bolat will reach the Telemundo signal, so it is very likely that it will premiere its first chapter in early 2022. As for the rest of the countries, it is not known when it will be included in the programming schedules, so an official announcement should be expected.


The first season of “Love Is in the Air” follows the story of Eda Yildiz, a young flower seller who must deal with Serkan Bolat, a rich young heir whom she holds responsible for having lost a scholarship to study in Italy. After meeting, Bolat proposes a deal: if he pretends to be his fiancée for two months, he will help her pay for her university. Although at first their relationship is not good, as the days go by, it changes radically and their agreement ends up changing the two of them forever, amidst luxuries and lies.

In season 2 …

Serkan Bolat and Eda go through difficult times during the architect’s cancer treatment. He becomes obsessed with his illness and becomes a completely different man having survived it, developing a fear of emotional attachment, delaying his marriage with Eda several times and completely refusing the idea of ​​being a father. Thus, Serkan returns to focus only on his work. These differences gradually separate Serkan and Eda, who eventually end up separating. Later, Eda, who is going to Italy to complete his studies, and Serkan, who continues with his life, finally meet again years later and life prepares a surprise for both of them.

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Eda kisses Serkan, in one of the chapters of “Love Is in the Air” (Photo: MF Yapım)
Eda kisses Serkan, in one of the chapters of “Love Is in the Air” (Photo: MF Yapım)



Hande Ercel como Eda Yildiz: She is an intelligent, honest, beautiful young woman with great talent. She lost her parents when she was a child, but despite the tragedy she has become a noble and optimistic girl. She has been helping her aunt with the flower shop for years. This work has developed in her her love for plants and her desire to become a landscape architect.

Kerem Bürsin como Serkan Bolat: He is a charismatic, handsome and hard-working young man, qualities that have allowed him to increase the business volume of his father’s company. He is an architect always obsessed with winning, who moves like a fish in water in the business world. Work and success are the great engines of his life until he meets Eda and everything changes.


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