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”, The successful Turkish soap opera, has conquered the heart of Spain through the love story Eda and Serkan Bolat, who have fought through thick and thin to be together. The second season of the melodrama will be released next Wednesday, June 9, and will be full of great surprises that will leave fans on the edge of their seats.

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This new installment will begin with a jump in time of five years and without a doubt, many things have changed for the protagonists who are once again separated and without a doubt, this will cause more than one setback.

These new chapters will be full of emotions after revealing that Serkan and Eda have had a daughter, now it is known that the relationship between the architect and the girl is not entirely good. In addition, the reasons for the separation of the couple will be known. Next we will tell you the surprises that will be in season two of .

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Eda has had a daughter with Serkan Bolat, but they have not raised her together. Many fans wanted to see the couple forming a family and now that they have it, nothing has turned out as expected. The businessman does not meet his daughter until she is older and, when they finally see each other’s faces, they do not get along very well.


What has caused the most surprise among fans of the series is that Eda and Serkan are separated. The couple does not seem to find the ideal moment to be together and in the second season we will see them face off again. We do not know what has happened between them since they lived happily in the caravan, but there is some resentment.


At the end of the first season it was discovered that Serkan had a tumor and it is not known what happened to him. In the new chapters he is seen to be very stable, however, at some point he refers to this evil that he has and wonders if it can be the cause of hallucinations.

Perhaps everything that happens in the second season of “Love in the air” will be the product of the tumor suffered by the protagonist.

It’s something you’ll know when the second season of this Turkish soap opera premieres.


If the plans continue as before, Telecinco will continue to broadcast the Turkish soap opera every Tuesday at 11:00 pm. In addition, the double episode that Divinity broadcasts from Monday to Friday at 5:45 p.m. and 10:00 p.m.

In addition, the program can be seen on Mitele, Mediaset’s streaming platform, whose basic Mitele PLUS subscription has a value of 4 euros per month.


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