Love is in the meadow: Delphine, a lesbian farmer from Occitanie, in the casting of season 16

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M6 unveiled the portraits of the farmers for the next season of “Love is in the meadow” before their broadcast on February 1st. Two candidates are from Occitania: Delphine, an organic arborist, and Jean-François, sheep breeder and funeral bearer.

New farmers will be looking for great love this year on M6. Before the release of the portraits on February 1 at 9:05 p.m., for the sixteenth season of the show, the channel unveiled the photos and the path of the candidates. Twelve farmers, aged 27 to 62, will participate in the show.

If “Love is in the meadow” has already welcomed four homosexual farmers – including the bull breeder Mathieu du Gard in 2020 – it had never welcomed a farmer looking for a person of the same sex. You will soon be able to discover Delphine, 47, organic arborist in the Midi-Pyrénées.

Delphine, the organic arborist

Delphine’s life is obviously not just about her sexual orientation. Coming from an agricultural background, in a Catholic family of five girls, Delphine did not realize her homosexuality until the age of 25. “I had never seen two girls kissing, I did not even know that it existed”, she confides in the portrait of M6. The farmer has had two love stories in her life. The longest lasted twelve years. It is also this ex, with whom she has remained very friends, who registered her on the show. She has no children.

At 47, Delphine has already been particularly rich. She did humanitarian work in the 90s, she worked as a postman in the Alps before settling in 2012 as an arborist in our region. It produces cherries, plums, persimmons and table grapes.

The production of the show presents Delphine as a whole, handyman (she has completely redone her house), sportswoman and fan of motorcycles but also of table football, billiards and pinball. She is looking for a natural, sporty, feminine, positive woman, with or without children and who assumes her homosexuality.

Jean-François, breeder of sheep and lambs in Ariège.
Photo M6, Cécile Rogue

Jean-François, the sheep farmer

Jean-François lives in a village of 100 inhabitants in Ariège. This 48-year-old farmer is a sheep breeder and owns 450 ewes and lambs. Separated from the mother of his children fifteen years ago, he lives with his two grown children, Clément who helps him on the farm and Manon. For years, Jean-François put his private life aside to take care of his children in his spare time. A few years ago, he took a second job as a funeral porter to improve the family’s income.

For Jean-François, the family clan is sacred, explains M6 in the portrait of the Ariège farmer. He continues to eat with his mother every lunchtime. The sheep farmer is “a real good guy”. He practices Pyrenean singing and enjoys ballroom dances such as tango.

Jean-François is a great sensitive, tactile and romantic, indicates the production of “Love is in the meadow”. He is looking for a pretty brunette, rather thin, cheerful, sociable and caring.

The twelve candidates of season 16.

The twelve candidates of season 16.
Photos M6, Cécile Rogue

The other candidates of season 16

– Nathalie, 49 years old, breeder of “calves under the mother”, Pays-de-la-Loire
– Valentin, 27, producer of edible flowers and market gardener, Brittany
– Vincent le Provençal, 40 years old, equestrian shows, Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur
– Sébastien, 46 years old, lavender and cow breeder, Auvergne Rhône-Alpes
– Jean-Daniel, 53, winemaker and breeder of Hérens cows, Switzerland
– Hervé the mustachioed, 58 years old, pig and cereal breeder, Ile-de-France
– Hervé le Picard, 42, breeder of dairy and mixed-crop cows, Hauts-de-France
– Paulette, 62 years old, breeder of donkeys, making milk soaps, Switzerland
– Franck, 46, silviculturist and market gardener, Nouvelle-Aquitaine
– Vincent le vigneron, 51 years old, winemaker, Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur

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