“Love is in the meadow”: Franck ready for family life, Delphine has left Ghislaine

The results – first part – of this 16th season of “Love is in the meadow” opened on Monday on M 6 with the couple who made social networks vibrate: Hervé and Stéphanie. The Picard breeder, without a filter, lost his virginity thanks to his meeting with his contender. Love literally exploded in their hearts and under the covers. And these two have no shortage of projects. They announced a baby before the end of the year, the purchase of a house and the wedding next year. Just that !

“Ah it was love at first sight, I was broken”, laughs Hervé, stroking the arm of Stéphanie, who, at 40, no longer procrastinates for a first pregnancy. Not easy to find a house? Don’t panic, friend Stéphane Plaza is here! When Karine Le Marchand asks them to call the real estate pro, Stéphanie and Hervé laugh and approve with a smile. And the sequence ends with “Come on, let’s call him!” “

Mélanie ready to join the herd

Another couple who breathe love as obvious, Jean-François, the sheep farmer, and Mélanie. The eyes of these Ariégeois still sparkle so much after their first night of love at the top of the mountains during the herd’s transhumance. We learn that the family of Jean-François claims the beauty when she does not appear for two days. Accepted and validated throughout the lineage!

Another duo held up to the balance sheet, that of Marie-Jeanne and Vincent, two former obese who lost 50 kg after stomach surgery. Vincent, often gruff, is full of praise for his sweetheart. “She is energetic, learned, cultured, intelligent. It calms my ardor! “What flowers for this super fiftieth birthday who was, a priori, not the desired profile since he wanted a child. No long-term plan for them, even if they see each other every weekend. “We take the good times. She has devoted her whole life to others, she must think of herself now, ”adds Vincent.

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Couples away from the cameras

The balance sheet has reserved two surprises, opposite. Franck, the woodcutter, who had rejected his crush, Cécile, returns to the arm of his beauty with blue eyes “like those of Line Renaud”. “I wrote to his sons,” says Franck, who had to take out not the ax but the oars to win back Cécile. “Children need time. The older one read the letter but did not reply. The sylviculturist launches this pretty comparison with the marsh near which he lives. “The marsh is us, a fragile space that must be preserved. This ecosystem is our love. »Karine Le Marchand wants to be reassured about the hugging side of Franck. “It still lacks a little softness, but it is tactile,” smiles Cécile. These two are so happy to have put the pieces of their hearts back together that we can imagine them taking their time, delicately this time.

The other surprise is Delphine who arrives… without Ghislaine. The arborist from Tarn-et-Garonne left her contender from Oise two months before the balance sheet. The reasons for the breakup? Ghislaine’s jealousy. “She said to me: I feel that you will betray me. She was in excess. I am looking for someone in being, not in appearing. Delphine, whatever the circumstances, smiles. Don’t tremble when she reads Ghislaine’s love letter from Karine Le Marchand. If the adventure failed for her, two suitors for speed dating Delphine have flashed on each other and live together today. Love is also knitted behind the scenes of the show.

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