Love Island: Nathalia weeps bitter tears

Big drama on a small island

Nathalia: “He would never get in the way”

But Nathalia does not pull herself together. She cries: “Fuck you, I’m getting mad,” she sobs. Because Luca did not act like a jealous bull when Nathalia talked to another man. She doesn’t like that at all, because what annoys many women about their partners is simply part of a man’s overall package for Nathalia. Jealousy is important to her. “If someone wants to get to know me, they would never get in the way,” Nathalia says about Luca in front of the other girls. They can hardly believe these words, because for them, too, jealousy is simply part of a man’s basic equipment.

Meanwhile, Luca sees the argument relaxed and does sports – what else. Will he be playing his couple away with the little interest in Nathalia’s feelings?

There is flirting again – also on TVNOW


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