“Lovers” save grandfather’s life after falling into the water Knowing the true story is so touching

become viral touching story on online world social media from Singapore by the user”TikTok“Account Name”queenlexinda” when “lovera pair travelGo on a vacation by the sea but had to meet The unexpected encounter maternal grandfather one, before the old man fell into the water causing them to go down to help which after made tears with the sentimental story of maternal grandfather and heartbreaking at the same time

by “lover“A couple who own the post shared the clip via social media.”TikTok“Account Name”queenlexinda” I’m coming to spend some time relaxing by the sea. including met maternal grandfather One who came to this place as well and an unexpected event happened. husband Her had to run down to help at that time. Before she told via social media that

” While she and her husband were sitting and taking pictures at a beach in Changi Beach Park, Singapore. Both of them turned to see an elderly man. walking on the edge of the rocks before slipping upside down and falling into the water Which is about 4-5 meters away. Suddenly, her husband rushed to help immediately.

“Good luck husband Her help came in time. making it possible to save his life. maternal grandfather Aged 74 years old, she had scrapes on her head, ears and arms, so she and her husband helped to wipe the wound first. and bring him drinking water until maternal grandfather Disappointed

Royupa ask maternal grandfather Why did it fall over there? maternal grandfather Said, “I want to bring flowers to you. wife who died 10 years ago.” She even burst into tears. before she and her husband fulfilled the request of maternal grandfather Successfully throw flowers into the sea

maternal grandfather Keep saying thank you both, otherwise I might have drowned if you weren’t here. You are a very good person.” Royupa specified in the video clip. and after checking that maternal grandfather Safe, she and her husband said goodbye and separated.

Royupa Feeling touched by the love story of this grandfather said, “Knowing his purpose make me know true love exists Even if he had to go through anything wife of maternal grandfather I want to say that he loves you with all his heart.”

After the post was published in online world have had netizens A large number of comments So grateful that tears flowed together. as well as to express appreciation and thanks to both couples for helping to save Grandfather’s life and help his wishes come true.

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CREDIT PHOTO  : queenlexinda

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