Low-cost antidepressant fluvoxamine reduces risk of hospitalization for coronavirus – study

The inexpensive antidepressant fluvoxamine reduces the risk of hospitalization for coronavirus disease. This is evidenced by a study, the results of which published in the Lancet magazine.

The experiment involved about 1.5 thousand patients with coronavirus from Brazil. All of them were at risk due to age or other diseases, and most of them were not vaccinated.

Among those patients who took fluvoxamine, 11% experienced the need for hospitalization or long-term medical supervision. Among those who did not take the drug, the proportion of such was higher – 16%. Thus, the risk of hospitalization was reduced by 32%.

As explained in interview CNN is one of the authors of the study, Angela Reyerson, the drug can affect inflammation. Fluvoxamine reduces the production of inflammatory molecules called cytokines that can be triggered by COVID-19, she said. In addition, the medication can lower the platelet count and thus affect blood clotting.

“Given the safety, tolerability, ease of use, low cost and widespread availability of fluvoxamine, the study results could influence national and international guidelines for the clinical management of COVID-19,” the study said.

The authors note that a 10-day course of this drug costs about $ 4.

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