Lower House of the United States passes judgment against Donald Trump | News

The Lower House of the United States reported through its social networks that President Donald Trump will be impeached after the motion was approved with a total of 231 votes.


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Democratic representatives gathered 221 votes, while 10 Republicans approved to proceed with the trial, and 197 congressmen from the ruling party refused to proceed with the motion.

The decision is unique in the political history of the United States since for the first time a president has been proposed on two occasions for impeachment, as well as the first time that a president of this country will be tried for rebellion.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi maintained her position to carry out the impeachment of Donald Trump since January 6 when the violent events in Congress took place that cost the lives of five American citizens.

During the voting, fences were placed on the perimeter of the Capitol, the closure of streets near those fences has been reinforced. Downtown Washington has been closed to circulation, according to various local media reports.

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