Lower production and good sales pace in the apple campaign

AFRUCAT (the Business Association of Fruit of Catalonia), has found that the lower production of apple of this campaign and the good rhythm of sales of the last weeks, with an increase of the price of lair of 15% and 20%, they predict that stocks in the cameras will run out before the end of the campaign.

For AFRUCAT the production planned for this campaign is even lower than had been estimated. According to the director of this association, Manel Simón, the general decline in Spanish and European production, which presented the first harvest forecasts for the month of August, has been confirmed and increased by the final harvest figures that s ‘they have collected. “Right now, there is a rise in the prices of the apple sold in palot which translates into between 15 and 20% above the prices that were paid last week.”

For the coming months, if the pace of sales is maintained, stocks in Catalan chambers will run out before the end of the campaign, also taking into account that January is the month of the year in which fewer apples are sells, being the peak time of the marketing of the months of February and March.

The forecasts for the July apple campaign in Catalonia, the main autonomous producing community, showed a drop in production of 16%, but production in 2020 has been even lower than expected, with 25% less, totaling 235,676 tons .

In terms of forecasts in Europe, European apple production published in August at the Prognosfruit Congress was 1% lower than last season (10,711,000 t). With the latest update released in December, production planned for the island remains. However, some of the main producing countries such as Italy, France, Germany and Spain have corrected their productions downwards.

The Spanish export of this fruit until October 2020 grew strongly with 20% more in volume and 17% in value in relation to the same period of 2019, standing at 110,705 tons and 81 million euros , according to data from the Department of Customs and excise processed by FEPEX, Catalonia being the main autonomous exporting community, with sales in the period of 78,622 tons, 21% more and 56 million euros (+ 15%) .


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