Lozère: the deterioration of the health situation throughout the department is continuing

Lozère follows the national trend, the virus circulates homogeneously throughout the department. The concern is real.

“The fifth wave got off to a good start in Lozère, the virus is actively circulating”, recognizes Mathieu Pardell, director of the departmental delegation of the ARS (Regional Health Agency). This Tuesday, November 23, the last situation report reports 10 people hospitalized, and two in intensive care. The incidence rate in Lozère is 168 per 100,000 inhabitants.

Homogeneous degradation

And the positivity rate which was -1% a month ago has increased to 5%. “What is worrying are the incidence rates of neighboring departments”, he worries. That of Hérault is 221.1, and that of Aveyron is 222.7. “The effects of this degradation are being felt on the hospital system”, warned Mathieu Pardell.

If the cluster launched in a school in Marvejols had placed Lozère on the front of the stage, with the highest incidence rate in metropolitan France, the current situation is different. “There was the cluster triggered at the Florac soup festival. We managed to contain it by setting up targeted screening. There, the degradation is homogeneous, and affects isolated foci throughout the department”, indicates the director. A more difficult situation to manage.

Doses for city medicine

Emmanuel Macron’s speech had a local effect on the acceleration of the appointment setting for a third dose. Mathieu Pardell recalls that Lozère was, from the start, a good student. “Of the eligible population, before the speech, 38% had performed their booster dose. Against 32% nationally.”

The ARS also records a thrill for vaccination for a first dose. As a reminder, of the eligible population, in Lozère, 86% received their complete vaccination schedule. Several tools will be put in place to slow the epidemic.

A reprogramming of the vaccination offer, with five centers in the department, in Mende, Florac, Saint-Chély-d’Apcher, La Canourgue and Langogne. “We are going to experiment with the delivery of doses already packaged to city medicine “, announces Mathieu Pardell.

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