Luciana Salazar resigned from La Academia to take care of her daughter: “I have to travel to do paperwork because I may not be able to enter the country”

After the scandal that caused the brand your ex-partner Jorgito Moliniers from ‘traitor’ by having renounced The academy from ShowMatch due to health problems, Luciana Salazar he did the same and left the contest. The model took advantage of the end of the rhythm with boys to make her decision known, and explained that she must travel to the US to carry out procedures with her daughter Matilda.

“First of all, it is difficult for me to make this decision. I have a trip that I have to do for some procedures that have to do with my daughter is of another nationality. And I have to go because they are about to put a decree that could harm me and I may not be able to re-enter the country, ”Luciana Salazar said when Marcelo tinelli He called her to the front to explain her situation.

“I have to leave urgently, and I did not arrive with the times to continue in the contest because of how the rhythm is going. Unfortunately, I have to go, but I have to thank everyone, from my coach May even my dancer Nachito“Added the model. “We would have loved to put a replacement and be able to wait for you all this time, but unfortunately we are in a moment of the contest in which it is very difficult,” acknowledged Marcelo Tinelli.

“Yes, I asked the production so that my team can continue, but it was very difficult, as you say, and they understood,” Luciana Salazar concluded about her departure from La Academia.


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