Lucid Motors breaks all autonomy records

Autonomy is the key criterion for all electric car drivers. Manufacturers are constantly striving and improving, but there is always room for improvement, which helps break records.

Tesla will have to review his copy! Competitor Lucid Motors has had the Lucid Air Dream P certified at 520 miles, or 830 kilometers, by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Something to leave behind the Model S Long Range, whose maximum range is 115 miles (160 kilometers) shorter! Yet it was the most generous electric vehicle in the field.

Better than Tesla

In the United States, the EPA measures the range of electric cars. The situation is different in Europe, where it is the WLTP cycle that prevails, and which therefore requires new measures.

The Lucid Air therefore breaks all records, by far. Tesla, however, could have matched the feat achieved by its rival, if the manufacturer had released the Model S Plaid Plus: the vehicle, with its battery equipped with 4,680 cells, had to travel 520 miles on a single charge. But Tesla canceled this model just before production started. Elon Musk explained that there was no need for the Plaid Plus, the Model S Plaid already being ” so well ».

Now that Lucid has established this new brand, maybe the Tesla boss will be stung and want to strike back by revisiting the concept of a super long-range car. But will the manufacturer have the means? By dint of running many hares (development of level 5 autonomous driving, Cybertruck, Roadster, etc.), the company may not be able to put a new Plaid Plus back on the drawing board.

Tesla nevertheless has a serious trump card up its sleeve: at least the manufacturer is selling its cars! This is still not the case with Lucid, which has yet to start volume production of its vehicles.

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