“Lucky Strike”, a wickedly enjoyable South Korean thriller

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First feature film by Kim Yong-hoon, fan of the Coen brothers, Lucky Strike is a genre film that mixes the sticky atmosphere of the thriller with a cheerful black humor, enhanced with a good splash of hemoglobin. Here is what the South Korean press thought about it.

It is on the images of a bounced travel bag, carried around in the corridors of a sauna then abandoned in a locker of the cloakroom, that the film begins Lucky Strike, first feature by South Korean Kim Yong-hoon. It quickly appears that it is filled with large cuts. “I wanted to question the spectators : what would you do if you came across a bag of tickets? ” entrusts the director in an interview with Seoul magazine Cine21.

In turn, different characters enter the scene. They will try to take the loot, to save their skin or to offer themselves the hope of a better life. Everyone acts in an emergency and everyone deceives everyone. Lucky Strike (Jipuragirado jabgo beside jibseungdeul in its original version, “the beasts that cling to a sprig of straw”) was released in France on July 8. This feature film is the adaptation of a novel by the Japanese Keisuke Sone, a novel writer in French. “This is a novel that has the codes of a genre and which also shows how man turns into an animal. I thought a lot about how to translate the flavor of writing on the screen ”, explains the director in this same interview.

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