Ludivine Edmond elected, her portrait

MISS GUADELOUPE – Ludivine Edmond, 20, was chosen to represent Guadeloupe in the Miss France 2022 election.

[Mis à jour le 27 août 2021 à 12h09] Since August 6, 2021, Guadeloupe has found its representative in the Miss France 2022 election. Ludivine Edmond, 20, was elected to represent the Caribbean islands in the national beauty contest, which should be held at the end of the season. ‘year. Miss Guadeloupe 2021 is from Gourbeyre, and is currently studying in the accounting and management sector.

Ludivine Edmond hopes in a few years to become an asset manager. But it is not his professional ambitions but more his eloquence and his speech that seduced the public and pushed him to elect Miss Guadeloupe 2021. The young woman has indeed advocated the recognition of black beauty, “activist for the democratization of black beauty and the acceptance of our differences as universal wealth “.

Miss Guadeloupe is a beauty contest which elects each year a candidate for Miss France. Several young girls from the Dom-Tom archipelago are entering this regional competition to become ambassadors for the department. Since the creation of the competition, three Miss Guadeloupe have been elected Miss France: Véronique de la Cruz in 1993, Corinne Coman in 2003 and Clémence Botino in 2020. It is the ninth regional committee that has won Miss France the most times.

In 2020, Kenza Andreze-Louison represented Guadeloupe in the Miss France election. Aged 20 at the time of the election, she aspired to work in the world of astronomy, one of her great passions. She ranked in the top 15 in the Miss France 2021 election.

In 2019, Clémence Botino was not only elected Miss Guadeloupe, but also Miss France 2020. She was ahead of Miss Provence with 31.95% of the votes against 30.66%. Elected Miss Guadeloupe at the beginning of August 2019, Clémence Botino was a student in art history. On the day of her election, Clémence Botino was 22 years old. It should also be noted that she obtained the best score in the general culture test of the Miss France competition with 17.5 / 20.

In 2018, it was Ophélie Mezino who was elected Miss Guadeloupe. At 19, this chemical engineering student was already showing ambition, eager to create her own brand of cosmetics. But beyond his professional goals, Ophély Mezino is campaigning for a particular cause. His CODA situation required a lot of effort and “who directed his life”. The candidate was godmother of the association Bébian another world. It helps people with deafness to access the media and daily services. During Miss France 2019, Ophély Mezino was ranked 1st runner-up. She is also the 1st runner-up of Miss World 2019.

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