Ludovic Louis, a second wind without a false note

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After having accompanied the greatest musicians from Lenny Kravitz to Jimmy Cliff, the trumpeter Ludovic Louis delivers his first album today, Rebirth. An album that mixes jazz, soul and funk influences.

Ludovic Louis is a musician, composer, arranger, and improviser. He is arguably the most American of French trumpeters. He started in France in Le Havre, in Normandy, but played pistons all the way to Los Angeles, California. He put his trumpet at the service of the greatest: Jimmy Cliff, Florent Pagny, Slimane, Christophe Maé and especially Lenny Kravitz: he accompanied them all on stage, before playing with Black Eyed Peas, Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello or Kanye West and his Sunday Service.

Ludovic Louis comes to introduce us Rebirth, his first solo album, a very personal jazz record mixed with his Martinican origins.

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