Economy Lufthansa Executive Board Svensson places mandate on health ...

Lufthansa Executive Board Svensson places mandate on health …


In the corona crisis, the AUA mother Lufthansa now has to find a new CFO. On April 6, Ulrik Svensson resigned from the Board for health reasons.

In the midst of the turbulence of the corona pandemic, the AUA mother Lufthansa has to find a new CFO. Ulrik Svensson resigned on April 6 for health reasons, the DAX group announced on Saturday in Frankfurt. The supervisory board will soon advise and decide on a succession solution.

The company did not provide any further information. The 59-year-old Swede has been a board member since January 1, 2017. Like all other airlines, Lufthansa was hit hard by the aftermath of the corona pandemic. The group has shut down almost the entire fleet, sent tens of thousands of employees on short-time work and now has to court billions in government aid. Most recently, the company had confirmed negotiations on various forms of government participation. Despite the crisis, Svensson was convinced in mid-March that “Lufthansa will still fly to Corona and will emerge from the crisis as a winner”.



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