Lufthansa is putting an end to free tomato juice and snacks

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No more free tomato juice and snacks: Lufthansa only serves water

Eurowings as an example: From spring 2021, Lufthansa, Swiss and Austrian Airlines will no longer offer free meals on medium-haul flights.

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Lufthansa has to save drastically. Soon, drinks and food will only be available for cash in Economy Class on European flights. The service of Swiss and Austrian is also affected.

There will be important changes for Lufthansa customers from March 2021. Passengers should no longer go on board hungry when taking a short or medium-haul flight. In a press release on Tuesday, the company announced that free on-board catering will soon be a thing of the past.

With the misleading headline “Larger selection on board: Quality and freshness with regional reference for food and drinks”, the new service concept in European traffic of Lufthansa and its subsidiaries Swiss and Austrian Airlines is presented.

What initially sounds like a qualitative improvement in the food on offer, turns out to be a new source of income for the airlines. At the end of the press release it says: “The currently free standard snack will no longer be served in the future.”

Low-cost airlines instead of five-star airlines

Specifically, this means: From spring next year on flights to Spain, for example, no more shrink-wrapped sandwiches or a free drink will be served, but instead the customer will be asked to pay.

Whether a mug with coffee, beer or the popular tomato juice – everything costs extra. The “five-star airline”, as Lufthansa boss Carsten Spohr always likes to emphasize the award by the British consumer company Skytrax, is adapting to the customs of low-cost airlines in this service area.

Lufthansa speaks of high quality offer

When asked by the flight attendant “What can I offer you to drink”, the customers then have to grab their wallets and pull out their credit cards. Prices for the chargeable food and drink offer have not yet been communicated.

“The new offer was developed on the basis of our customer feedback,” says Christina Foerster from the Lufthansa Executive Board. “With the high-quality offer that is subject to a fee, our passengers will be able to individually decide what they want to eat and drink on their journey.”

From March 2021, the new food and beverage range will be introduced in stages: Austrian Airlines should begin, Swiss and Lufthansa will follow. This reduces hospitality on board a Lufthansa Group aircraft to a minimum: Lufthansa and Swiss will only have one bottle of water. The bread costs extra. Still have a good flight and appetite.

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