Lufthansa no longer counts on the A380, the long-range fleet awaits a reduction to 7 types of aircraft

The carrier reduces the number of long – haul aircraft types to reduce costs to 7.

The Lufthansa Group will significantly reduce its fleet of long-haul aircraft in the coming years. In addition to the absolute reduction in their number, there will also be a significant reduction in the number of aircraft types. The change will also affect the world’s largest passenger aircraft. Lutfhansa’s management has confirmed for the first time that it does not anticipate them in the future.

It follows from presentation of company management to the annual report for last year. All A380 Lufthansa have been shut down since the outbreak of the pandemic, but the company has never said it does not expect any more.

The plan of the whole group envisages the simplification of the fleet to a total of 7 types of long-range aircraft. The companies will definitively phase out the Boeing 747-400, 777-200 and 767-300. It’s not just Lufthansa, but all the airlines belonging to the group. For example, the Austrian sent a Boeing 767-300 for scrap this week. All Airbuses A340-600 and A330-200 will also disappear from the fleet. The McDonnell Douglas MD-11F truck will also end.

From this step, the carrier promises to reduce costs and consumption, older types will rather go away. On the contrary, the new Boeing 787-9 and 777-9 are to enter the fleet in the coming years. From a step, Lufthansa promises to reduce costs thanks to lower consumption of newer types. The only four-engine representative in the fleet will be a Boeing 747-8i. A total of 150 aircraft, not only long-range ones, will gradually disappear. During the year, for example, there will be 40 Airbus A320s. In their case, however, it is a planned end: some are approaching thirty years of age. Within ten years, the carrier wants to buy 175 new machines.

Lufthansa has a total of fourteen Airbus A380s in its fleet. Most carriers have gradually started to phase them out, with the exception of Emirates and more recently Singapore Airlines, which began with the modernization of the interior of parts of decommissioned machines.

Lufthansa Group plans in the long-range fleet. Photo: LH

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