Lufthansa sends 87,000 employees on short-time work

Dhe Lufthansa Group plans to send around two thirds of its global workforce into short-time work in the Corona crisis. A company spokesman confirmed in Frankfurt on Wednesday that social security benefits had been applied for in various countries for a total of 87,000 employees. Depending on the company and part of the company, this has applied retroactively since March 1, but mostly from April. The “Business Insider” portal had previously reported on this. The largest aviation group in Europe employed around 135,000 men and women in 2019.

All airlines and subsidiaries in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Belgium are affected by short-time working. In addition to the already known around 27,000 short-time workers at the German core company Lufthansa, there are other large blocks at Swiss (9500) and Austrian (7000). The Belgian Brussels Airlines, Lufthansa Technik and the catering subsidiary LSG also have a lot of work to do.

An agreement on short-time work and an increase in the number of pilots was reached on Wednesday with the Cockpit Association (VC). According to an internal presentation, the VC agreed against a job guarantee for a postponement of previously agreed salary increases. This has reduced cockpit costs by half, said VC President Markus Wahl.

Applications made by the end of August

With the registration for short-time work, nothing has yet been decided on the actual scope. Depending on the workplace, this ranges from total loss of work to only minor hourly reductions, said the Lufthansa spokesman. He did not provide any information on the amount of the services provided by the employment agency. In Germany, those affected receive 60 percent to 67 percent of their net wages for the work they do. Lufthansa has promised to increase the ground staff and flight attendants by up to 90 percent.


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