Luis Abinader presents the “Happy Family” National Housing Plan; will start with 11 thousand the first year

President Luis Abinader presented on Wednesday the National Housing Plan “Happy Family”, which is part of the policy that the Government has on housing and the commitment of this administration to guarantee the conditions of access to all Dominicans to achieve your own roof.

He announced that only in the first year of implementation of this plan, 11,000 new homes will be built and 17,000 in the following years.

“This plan is about a new model focused on promoting the orderly and sustained development of the sector; to improve and regularize urban housing, as well as to build and improve housing already built, ”said the president.

“This will undoubtedly have an enormous impact on each of the Dominicans who have access to their first home, but it will also generate an economic impact with the creation of more than 100,000 direct and indirect jobs over the next 4 years,” said the president.

“Happy Home” is one of the fundamental purposes that this administration has proposed to achieve during this legislature so that the families of our country have the real possibility of accessing a house, the most important element of any heritage.

The Head of State stressed that, “the strategy of this plan that we present today is articulated in three axes; urban renewal through public and private financing, credit facilities for Dominican families to access their first home and advice and follow-up for the purchase. “

“I want to warn you that this new plan is the largest housing accessibility process that any government has launched throughout our history,” the president emphasized.

Orderly urban growth

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President Luis Abinader also pointed out the growth trend that occurs in large cities and the lack of organization that many suffer. That is why the Government will redirect loans and aid to promote orderly urban growth.

“Public financing will contribute to raising the quality of life within cities, promoting the rescue of urban spaces, redistribution, better access to basic services and infrastructure of interest, as well as the construction of orderly housing and certified developments”, expressed the head of state.


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